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Update on what’s happening at Shara these days!

I thought I’d update you on what’s happening at Shara these days!

The 25% off Christmas refill offer during August and September has been very popular and has kept us very busy!

Elaine Weekes has joined the Shara team and we’re busy making lots of lovely Christmas products which will start appearing on the website during October ready for a proper Christmas launch on 1st November! Look out for some ‘early bird’ offers

Seahorse Coffee Co. Limited in Gorey Harbour have a 30% off Shara summer scented candles, diffusers and tea lights starting this Thursday 1st October to make way for the Christmas launch on 1st November!

I’m relocating to Shropshire on 9th October so will be leaving Shara Jersey in Elaine’s capable hands while I set up the Shara Shropshire branch! I will still be fully involved here and all correspondence via Facebook, Instagram, messenger and email will still be answered by me as I will continue with all the admin involved in running Shara (I’m not about to let go of my baby that easily! ) I will also be popping back so you will still see me at future fayres and pop ups!

We don’t know how much ‘face to face’ selling we will be able to do this year but we will do as much as we can so you can still get to smell all the gorgeous Christmas scents before you buy, but for those of you who have supported me these past 3 years, and know what you like, don’t forget to order through the website. We are continuing with the FREE Jersey postage so you can have all your lovely goodies delivered straight to your door! Also please spread the Shara word to your friends and family in the UK as I will be offering free UK postage of all Shara products ‘made in Shropshire’ from 2021!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported me since I started Shara 3 years ago. Rest assured we are continuing to offer the same service, including the refill service!

We will of course keep you informed of where we will be offering all the Shara goodies in the lead up to the festive season. Just watch this space!


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