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2023 Scents

Christmas Spice - the very essence of Christmas with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, citrus & thyme

Festive Fusion - a citrus scent with jasmine, pine & warm spices

Mulled Wine - a sweet berry scent with bay, cinnamon & ginger


Oud - a luxurious scent: warm and woody


Fig and Snowberry - a fruity scent with bayberry and cedar wood


Grapefruit and Lemon- fresh and uplifting with pink grapefruit and lemon verbena


Coconut and Lime - an exotic blend of creamy coconut and zesty lime


Black Pomegranate - a luxuriously fruity scent with plum and Patchouli


Verveine - a blend of citrus and floral notes


Lavender Spa- a soothing and relaxing blend reminiscent of a day at the spa


Rhubarb and Rose - fruity and floral


Dark Honey and Tobacco - warm, comforting, and gorgeous

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